5 Reason to booking airport transfer

1. 5 reason to booking airport transfer

There is 5 reason to booking airport transfer with SEC. Airport transfers are for business only right? Wrong! As young progressive travellers you’re probably quite content just grabbing an Uber, but like the hundreds of other travellers each year with this exact mindset, you’re missing out on much better deals.

We aren’t saying our airport transfers are better than Uber… but the below memes and hard hitting points sort of suggest we are.

2. The driver is here when you need them for transfer 

Time to terminal, disembarking, passport control, baggage collection… LONG! When do you find time to book your Uber? This is the kinda stress we can do without after a 4hr flight next to the guy with hygiene problems. are all pre booked and will be waiting to pick you up based on your flight information, nothing for you to do but continue your journey stress free.

3. They’ll meet you in the airport

Silver Executive Cab airport transfers are actually allowed into airport property meaning they will be there to greet you and take you to your car. It’s always nice to have someone waiting for you and not have to poke your head into every random Toyota Prius asking if they are your Uber – we’ve all been there .

4. Fix price Airport transfer

Serge pricing is more likely to be the name of your driver than a feature of our service. Booking the airport transfer in advance guarantees your price regardless of time, distance or traffic. We think you’ll be presently surprised just how cost effective this convenience is. It just keeps getting better, better!

5. An airport transfer is never going to cancel on you

We’ve all had it, waiting 15 minutes just for the driver to cancel for reasons Melbourne Airport Transfer/ Book Airport Transfer unbeknown to you, but what you do know is, you have to begin the whole process again, and nobody has time for that! Silver Executive Cab airport transfers are specialists and will never cancel because you are “too far out” or “they don’t have a fare going that way”. They will just be there.

6. Expect the highest ratings

Silver Executive cab airport drivers have their reviews closely monitored and we actually use the reviews to improve the service. Our drivers are nice because they are nice, not because they want a rating. The best bit? The drivers won’t make mindless chit chat (unless you’re into that) they know you just want to sit back, relax and reach your destination!

Next time you are heading to the airport check out an silver executive cab and you might just be surprised how enjoyable getting to and from the airport can be. thats why we said there is 5 reason to booking airport transfer. For quick  booking click on  below link.


1. The driver is here for you when you need them

2. They’ll meet you in the airport

3. Enjoy a fixed price

4. Safe way to travel

5. Great value for the price